Brake Housing

Case History: Vacuum decay testing of brake housings,

Testing brake housings for leaks. การตรวจจับรอยรั่วแบบแรงดันสูง

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An automotive supplier manufactures brake housings. A leak test system was needed to provide vacuum decay leak tests on two configurations of the brake housings. The test parameters included a very long test time at a very minimal vacuum level.








TME designed a custom test system comprised of a TME Solution single port Leak Tester, a test fixture that will accommodate either of the part configurations and an external vacuum pump.

The fixture is comprised of a movable test platform on which the test part fits over a central base. By placing manual clamping pressure on the test part, a seal is completed at the base of the housing.
The housing is then evacuated to the desired vacuum level by the external vacuum pump and the test is run.
At the end of the extended test time (during which the external vacuum pump is turned off), the Solution test instrument will display the vacuum decay that has taken place during the test time. A green “Pass” light will indicate a good part, and a red “Fail” light will indicate a leaking part.
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