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Moisture plays a critical role in determining end-product quality. Manufacturers are also challenged with meeting quality standards and producing end products faster, all while keeping an eye on energy conservation and waste.

Admitting we only see a real wood in museum these days. OSB and MDF has been around for many years with micro-technology heading to Nano. Rock Solid surface and flex body is a true wish for many product

Moisture Measurement Solutions for Wood/Lumber Industry.

Sensing and Controlling for Manufacturing Quality, Wood/Lumber Manufacturing: Why Measure Moisture In-Process
 • Inherently fibrous and porous natural resource
 • Vulnerable to quality variances depending on moisture content
 • Excessive heat in processing can lower rigidity, impair strength, and cause cracking

We have measuring tools this real-time, continuous monitoring of your product enables forward thinking and determination of your manufacturing process. See more detail, Just click on the hashtag below.